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Bowerbank: Bear Brook Point Camp Rental 564-3135 
Guilford Road: Covered Bridge Motel 564-2204 
Dover-Foxcroft: Bear's Den Log Cabin Motel 564-8755 
Guilford: Guilford Bed & Breakfast 876-3477 
Dover-Foxcroft: Peakes Kinney Lodge 564-0700 
Milo: Down Home Bed & Breakfast 943-5167 
Milo: The Hitching Post Bed & Breakfast 943-2493 
Guilford: The Trebor Mansion Inn 876-4070 
Dover-Foxcroft: The Wild Flowers Bed & Breakfast 564-2736 
Bowerbank: Campstahcometo 564-7744 
Sebec Lake Camps Rentals: 564-7795 Tim Merrill 
Sebec Lake Camp Rentals: 564-2065 Jeff Commeau 
Dover-Foxcroft: Nelson's Guest Rooms 564-8568 
Dover-Foxcroft: Freedom House B&B 564-8851 
Sebec:Rockin'P Lodge and Camp, 168 Milo Road 207-564-9292  
Sebec Lake Camp: Sunset Ridge; Maryann Walsh 564-2948 
Sebec Lake Camp: Sunset Ridge; Rosemary Stitt 401-884-9513 
Showing 17 items